from by Vengeful



Abortion of this earthly experiment
Genocide of the strong and weak
Liberating your souls from your bodies
Your torture is my leisure
As I dream of peeling your skin
Projectiles in all your orifices
Detonation of the master plan

Their hope a fatal illusion

Women and children first
Harmless toys used for weaponry
Vaporising them, a quest for relief
Never turn on me
I’ll carve my name in your fucking back
Like cockroaches, you earthly parasites
Suffocate under my feet

Vengeful species slaughtering without mercy
Vengeful species slaughtering without mercy

Are you reading this?
Are you reading me?
Are you reading this?
Are you reading me?

Hypocrisy, calumny, false honesty
I psychologically abuse you
I decimate your ego
I rape your conscience


Without mercy


from KARMAMMXIII, released April 2, 2013
Music & lyrics by Jean-Marie Leblanc
Additional vocals by Etienne Bayard



all rights reserved


Vengeful Montreal, Québec

Beginning as a death trash project in 2003, Vengeful has created its unique hypnotic/psychedelic death metal sound over the years. For now more than 10 years, never getting into trends, without compromise, without mercy.

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